Optical Testers

Selection Table

ModelMin (Mbps)Max (Mbps)SFPXFPQSFPSMAFeatures

MultiChannel BERT
4 to 12 Channels with Eye-Scan

Eye-BERT MicroX30
1,24429,000XHigh Speed with Eye-Scan

Eye-BERT MicroX10
1,24414,500XLow Cost with Eye-Scan
Eye-BERT 100G alt
Eye-BERT 100G
1,24429,000XXX4 channel BERT with Eye-Scan and CDR/Media Converter Mode

Eye-BERT 40G
9,95311,318X4 channel BERT

Eye-BERT Gen2
12511,318XXE/O BERT with CDR/Media Converter Mode

Eye-BERT Micro 10G
9,95311,318XLow Cost

Eye-BERT Micro
1254,250XLow Cost

Eye-BERT Micro LR
6.312125XMicro BERT with SMA, 1310, or 1550nm

Optical Signal Test Set
Lower Meter, Laser Source, Variable Optical Attenuator